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Ragnarok PSP Is Made by Apollo Soft

An original strategy RPG set in the world of the hit online title.


A couple of bits have leaked out from Famitsu about Ragnarok: Imperial Princess of Light and Darkness, the new PSP Ragnarok game from GungHo Online Entertainment.

The PSP adaptation is an original strategy RPG that features many elements from Ragnarok Online. The magazine introduces such characters as Tolane, Cynthia and Adelaide.

GungHo appears to have tapped some big talent to bring Ragnarok to the PSP. Famitsu lists the developer as Apollo Soft and Chime. Apollo Soft was formed in 2010 by Koichi Kawase and other members of Flight Plan, the studio behind Summon Night and Black Matrix. Apollo and Chime previously worked on Blue Roses, a 2010 PSP game from Nippon Ichi.

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