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No More Heroes Red Zone Hits PS3 With Move Support

Another HD version of the original No More Heroes, but with lots of extras.

Screenshot from the previously Heroes' Paradise port.

Details have finally popped up on that mysterious No More Heroes Red Zone that appeared in Famitsu's table of contents this week. As some suspected, it's another version of the original No More Heroes, but it has lots of new features.

Here's a feature list:

  • CERO Z rating
  • PlayStation Move compatibility
  • Five bosses from No More Heroes 2
  • Ten missions that were not included in the Wii version
  • Boss battle mode and online ranking mode
  • A "forbidden view" mode and other bonuses for the first print run

The Z rating is a big deal for the PS3, as the PS3 version of No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise, the Feel Plus developed port of No More Heroes, was toned down for a more general rating. The Xbox 360 version of that game had a full Z rating.

It's not clear at present if this new PS3 version is based off the Feel Plus port. That version was widely panned for bugs and other problems.

Red Zone Edition will be released on July 21, priced ¥3,990.

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