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Pandora's Tower: The Second Trailer

Now with chanting, speedy gameplay, and feasts of raw beast hearts.


Here's the second promotional video for Nintendo's new Wii action RPG Pandora's Tower. The video was released on the Everyones' Nintendo channel earlier today.

You'll find the first and all Pandora's Tower trailers here.

After some initial chanting, we hear the merchant Graiai telling main character Ende that he has to make his friend Ceres eat beast flesh in order to rid herself of a curse that's slowly turning her into a beast. Next, we see lots and lots of gameplay as Ende makes use of his chain to navigate the stages of play and collect the recommended beast meat (which actually looks like beast hearts to me!).

Towards the end of the clip, we see pure little Ceres forced to eat the beast meat that Ende gets for her... raw! Oh by the way, did I mention that she's a vegetarian? Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Pandora's Tower is due for release on May 26, so we can probably expect frequent updates from Nintendo over the coming weeks.

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