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GungHo Releases Teaser Video For Not Particularly Mysterious Game

Your first possible glimpse at Ragnarok Princess of Light and Darkness


GungHo is going to be announcing something on April 21. So says the teaser video clip that was released at Famitsu.com today.

"Where Light is, there is Darkness," says the trailer. Then, in English, "April 21, Appear!"

So what will appear on the 21st? As always, Weekly Famitsu's reveals have leaked out in advance, and GungHo does have a new high profile PSP title in there.

Titled Ragnarok: Princess of Light and Darkness, the new game is a strategy RPG from Apollo Soft, a studio formed by the makers of Summon Night and Black Matrix. The game is based around the world of Ragnarok.

It's presumable that the game Gung Ho is teasing at Famitsu.com is this PSP Ragnarok title, so visit Famitsu.com for a first teaser glimpse.

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