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Pre-orders Open For Akai Katana Limited Edition and Best Boxart Ever

Gorgeous, and probably not traced.


Recently, in a story about how The Last Story Pandora's Tower might have copied artwork from Final Fantasy Versus XIII, remarked that Pandora has the best boxart ever.

Today, I realized how incorrect I was when I saw this again:

That is the cover for the limited edition of Cave shoot-em-up Akai Katana Shin. With its original artwork from character designer Mushimaro, this is clearly the best boxart ever, certainly since sliced bead.

You can pre-order the limited edition of Akai Katana Shin starting today at Cave's online shop.

Cave actually has a few different ways to buy Akai Katana Shin. Depending on the package, you'll get the item in a box that's designed for arcade boards.

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