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Nazo Waku Yakata Has Street Fighter Cameo

M.Bison appears in the mansion's "Game Room" for a special version of Street Fighter.


Take a look at who's appearing in Capcom's original 3DS adventure title Nazo Waku Yakata:

Yes, it's M.Bison, the original Street Fighter II boss.

The Nazo Waku Yakata play experience has players move between the various rooms of a mysterious mansion for short play experiences. M. Bison appears in one of those rooms, the "Game Room."

In the Game Room, you'll play "Street Fighter Nazo Waku Edition." Using voice-based controls to unleash skills, you'll need to defeat M.Bison.

Also recently introduced at the game's official site:

The Detective Room
You'll have to respond to a variety of questions from the legendary detective Parlock Holmes.
Kagome Room
Four little kids sing a song. You'll need to listen closely and select the name of the kid who's behind you.
Firefly Room
The fireflies flying around by a lake don't seem to be as lively as usual. You'll need to strike them with mysterious bubbles to help them out.

The official site also has a couple of gameplay movies showing people sampling the game.

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