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Mega Man Legends 3 Official Site Opens

Capcom Japan formally announces paid e-Shop demo for end of May.


Mega Man Legends 3 finally has an official site. Check it out here.

The site opening comes after Capcom's announcement yesterday of a paid prototype demo through Nintendo's upcoming 3DS e-Shop. The demo is fully titled "Rockman Dash 3 The Prologue: Game no Uragawa Misechaimasu-hen," which translates to something like "The Volume Where We Show the Behind the Scenes of the Game."

The page lists a slightly more specific "end of May" time period for the demo. The release is meant to be simultaneous with the launch with the e-Shop, so the timing is probably Nintendo-dependent. Nintendo will be holding its annual investor's briefing on Monday, so expect to hear specifics either today or early next week.

Also at the official site, you'll find sections for story, characters and gameplay systems. There are some videos of main character Barret's on this page, and lots of tiny screenshots here and there, so give the site a look for yourself.

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