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Final Fantasy Type-0 Official Site Opens

Sample the sounds of the new Fabula Nova Crystallis. Plus, new screens and details!


Final Fantasy Type-0 finally got an official site today. Yes, all this time, the game has had only a tiny teaser site (just like FF Versus XIII).

The site has sections for prologue, world, character, system, special and spec. The details you'll find in the prologue, world, character and system section have all been reported here (see our article archive). The special section has a wallpaper.

Just a couple of points from the content at the site:

This may be just me being confused, but the site lists different names for two of the game's four countries. Rubrum, the main country, and Milites, the invading nation, are the same. The other two are now called "The Lolica Commonwealth" and "Concordia Kingdom." Just as Rubrum is associated with the Suzaku crystal and magic and Milites is associated with the Byakko crystal and science, Lolica is associated with the Gebnu crystal and shield, and Concordia with the Souryuu crystal and dragons.

The character section lists Ace, Queen and Nine, the first three members of Class Zero who were introduced a couple of months back. Their teacher is Kurasame.

Not in the character profile section yet are Rem, Machina and Cid. For now, you'll have to read our preview from Jump.

The system section shows the battle styles for the three characters. Each character is listed with a standard attack and ability. The latter type of attack requires that you've stocked up your Ability Gauge.

His standard attack is Card. This is a tricky attack where he throws out an endless stream of cards. It can be used for both near and far attacks. His ability is Deck Open. Here, he draws up to four cards which cause damage, recovery, status changes and other things depending on the card.
Her standard attack is Saber. This can perform speedy chain attacks. Her ability is Cross, where she releases light in a cross pattern. The light does damage to enemies and heals allies.
His standard attack is Lance, a long reaching attack with a lance. He can also spin the lance around for a range attack. His ability is Jump. Here, he jumps over the head of the target enemy and thrusts down with his lance. This can also deal damage to enemies in the vicinity of where the move lands.

The site also has a sampling of the game's soundtrack, so be sure and visit for yourself.

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