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Instant Brain Has 30 to 40 Hours Play Time

Bits and pieces from Makoto Asada at the Cave blog.


Cave development super star Makoto Asada updated the Cave development blog earlier today with a few juicy bits about his first adventure game, Instant Brain.

The Xbox 360 adventure title is being worked on by over 100 people, he said. This doesn't appear to mean that the development staff is 100 -- just that Asada is receiving the cooperation of over 100 people.

He said to expect a play time of between 30 and 40 hours, and he's working to make sure that players are pulled into the story and don't lose interest midway through.

Asada expects to see an alpha version of the game's opening, which is being made by an external production company, soon.

He said that he hopes to show it (this could mean either the game or the opening -- I'm not sure what he's referring to) in early June.

Asada also provided updates on some other games.

Akai Katana Shin has gone gold. We'll get an update on the game next week.

For Nin-2 Jump, which saw a sweet trailer earlier today, Asada reminded that all sales through June will go to the Red Cross. He promised to make periodic announcements of the donation amount, which presumably means we'll be able to use some division to determine how many copies of the game were sold.

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