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Changes to Your Andriasang Comment System

Comments threads are now shared across multiple stories, so start commenting away!!! That's right, three full exclamation marks!!!!

This image of PSP's Nichijou has absolutely nothing to do with this story.

I've made a change to the Andriasang.com comments system. Comment threads can now be shared across multiple stories.

For example, involving Namco Bandai's Nendoroid Generation game:

Another example, involving Final Fantasy Type-0:

In the comments area at the bottom of articles and galleries, you'll see an area to the left labeled "This comments field is shared with the following stories:" followed by a list of stories. All the stories listed there share a single comment thread. Comments that you post in any of the related stories will be visible from the other stories too.

The story where you placed the comment will be marked in your post as well, so you can feel free to refer to a single story in particular (perhaps correcting me when I call a Figma figure a Nendoroid, for instance).

There's no real rule for when the comments fields will be grouped together in this fashion. It depends on the content of the story. If there's something new and I determine that it warrants a new comments thread, I'll give the story its own thread. If not, as in the case of all those billion Nendoroid stories, I'll just be carrying a past thread over.

This new organization will hopefully allow for a better conversation to form about a given topic. Also, I'll be less reluctant to make tiny updates even when there's nothing to write about -- for instance, this story about the Nendoroid Generation official site.

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