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Photo Girlfriend Beaten to Market By Free Male Knockoff

You'll have to wait until summer for the PSP title, but you can take digital pics of your pretend boyfriend on GREE next week!


Kadokawa Games took too darn long to get Photo Girlfriend out! It's already been beaten to the punch by Digitial Works Entertainment who has announced plans to release Photo Boys for the popular GREE mobile social gaming platform.

In this love sim, you play as a female high school student who loves to take pictures. You'll spend you time getting close to the boys at school. Earn the favor or your fellow students during the game's interactive conversations, and you'll get the ability to take their pictures, after requesting that they change into your preferred attire, of course.

Here are some of the boys of Photo Boys, as recently shared at Famitsu.com.

Photo Boys is for girls. But Digital Works has male audiences in mind for the counterpart "Photo Idol" app. This app has the exact same premise as Photo BOys, except you play as a male high school student who goes around taking pictures of girls... just a bit creepier.

As with all GREE titles, Photo Boys and Photo Idol are free to play. Digital Works will be making money off item transactions. Among the paid items will be ring tones for the characters. This could be quite the draw, as Digital Works is tapping experienced voice actors for the roles. So far, Aoi Yuki and Nobuyuki Hiyama are confirmed for roles in the game.

Photo Boys and Photo Idol see release on the 25th. Photo Girlfriend won't be released until the summer, but here's an article with pics of the girls in their gym shorts.

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