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Dengeki Hints at New Pokemon Announcement

Monthly Nintendo magazine promises "new title information" for next month's issue.

Image from Dengeki Nintendo DS official site.

The latest issue of Dengeki's Nintendo-only magazine "Dengeki Nintnedo DS" has a little blurb that some are taking to mean a new Pokemon game announcement.

The magazine's article on Pokemon Black & White this month promises "Black & White and New Title Information" for the July issue. That issue hits on May 21.

The phrasing for "New Title" is often used to describe newly announced games, so it's possible that we'll hear about a new game to follow Pokemon Black & White, or at least a spinoff. Of course, such an announcement would probably come through other publications rather than Dengeki, so we may not have to wait all the way until the 21st.

This month's issue of Dengeki Nintendo DS also has coverage of Atsumete Kirby, Inazuma Eleven Go and more. You can see additional sample pics at the magazine's official site.

The Pikachu (or "Pikatyuu" as it's written there) piggy bank and Pokemon pen stand are included as bonuses. You have to assemble them, but that's still a pretty sweet bonus for a ¥880 magazine!

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