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Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Had a Sweet House

Entire island surrounding Lightning's futuristic home had to be "purged" due to space constraints.

It's Final Fantasy XIII's Home space. Get it?

Square Enix hasn't been exactly tight lipped about some of the cuts that were made to Final Fantasy XIII. In post release interviews, art director Isamu Kamikokuryou revealed that the design team had created a full area surrounding the home of main character Lightning. This apparently resembled a park.

Recently, artwork for Lightning's house and its surroundings has surfaced in a publication (I'm not sure of which publication, unfortunately). The art shows the inside and outside of the house.

Lightning had lakefront property, with one side of her elevated home anchored in the water. The house looks like a couple of domes attached together, with a glass covered stairway leading up to the entrance area in between the domes.

An inside shot of Lightning's living room and kitchen area show a large dining table, a monitor on the wall, and even a potted plant. It all looks very futuristic, as one might expect from the game.

There's also a shot of Lightning's bedroom. Her sheets are blue, just in case you were for some reason wondering.

Development on this area of the game world apparently progressed pretty far. Lightning's living room, bedroom and entrance all had artwork readied. The park and areas surrounding the house even had polygon model and texture data made. You could even walk around. However, due to space constraints, they the staff had to remove the entire island that contained the house.

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