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PSN Chrono Trigger Confirmed

Third version of classic RPG arriving this Spring.

From the cell phone version of Chrono Trigger, which is based off the DS remake.

Word of a PSN release for Chrono Trigger first surfaced outside of Japan last week. Today, Square Enix's Japanese offices confirmed it: the PlayStation version of the Super Famicom/SNES classic is on the way for PSN/Game Archives release. The game will be released this Spring (which presumably means May, unless it makes it out this week somehow).

Chrono Trigger is also available for cell phones starting today and on Wii's Virtual Console tomorrow. All three versions are actually a bit different. The Wii version is just the Super Famicom original running under emulation. The cell phone version is apparently based off the DS remake. The Game Archives version will be based off the PlayStation version of the original.

A PSN release for Chrono Cross has also been announced.

Confused yet?

Square Enix has yet to share pricing information for the PSN version of Chrono Trigger. The cell phone version is priced ¥630 each for two parts. The Virtual Console version is priced 900 Wii Points.

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