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Nintendo Announces Wii Successor

System to be playable at E3 this June. Release set for calendar 2012.

Current generation Wii.

After weeks of rumor and speculation, Nintendo has formally announced Wii's successor. The followup to the system that, according to Nintendo, has sold 86.01 million systems as of March 31, will be announced at the E3 gaming expo in June, Nintendo said. The system will be released in calendar 2012.

Nintendo made similar announcement of the 3DS ahead of E3 last year. Unlike with that system, where Nintendo confirmed the system's 3D capability, the company did not provide any hints about the Wii followup system, nor did it give an actual name, instead just referring to it as "Wii's Successor System."

Attendees at E3, which runs from June 7 through 9, will be able to sample the system, Nintendo said. It will also announce specifics about the system at that time.

Nintendo also released its fiscal 2010 earnings report today. Sales targets for the new system are not included in forecasts for the current fiscal year (ending March 2012), the company said.

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