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Keiji Inafune is in Neptune 2

Former Capcom development head has some powerful attacks in upcoming PS3 RPG.

Yes, that is Inafune as part of a collaboration with a game about little girls who transform into game consoles.

Former Capcom development great Keiji Inafune recently answered questions at the Neptune mk-II official site as part of a collaboration with publisher Compile Heart. In case you missed that particular announcement, read about it here.

Someone Photoshop Inafune into this.

It turns out that Inafune's ties with the PS3 RPG sequel go a bit deeper than just a fan Q&A. He's actually in the game. And not just his likeness -- Compile Heart is scanning pics of the guy!

According to this week's Dengeki PlayStation, the in-game Inafune will have a couple of attacks:

  • Donnahandanda Nova: A beam comes out of Inafune's mouth as the camera zooms up on his face. This is named after an Inafune meme which you can read about here.
  • Creator Sword Inafune: A sword shaped like Inafune folding his arms. This is also done through a real photo.

Dengeki also reveals a release date of August 18 for Neptune mk-II, so the wait to see Inafune back in action won't be long!

As for the other part of Inafune's collaboration, Compile Heart will open a campaign site for the recently concluded Q&A in late May. The site will host some of Inafune's responses.

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