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In Final Fantasy Type-0, Moogle stands for something

Plus, the latest character reveals via Dengeki PlayStation

Type-0 also has Chocobos.

We got a first hint at the role of the classic Final Fantasy series mascot character in Final Fantasy Type-0 a week back when Jump revealed that you'll take missions from a Moogle. This week's Dengeki PlayStation has more on the game's Moogle connection.

In he game world, the phrase Moogle stands for the following:







Yes, I think Square Enix has been abusing the English language dictionary again.

(UPDATE: In the comments section below, Suzaku suggests adding some grammar to make it "Military Operations Organization, Guidance, & Logistics Experts.")

Outside of the Moogle details, the magazine introduces Izana, a Chocobo user who's voiced by Keiji Fujiwara. Izana is apparently the hooded character who looked like he was dying in the latest video.

Other characters introduced in the magazine:

A moogle voiced by 12-year-old (as of Saturday) Sumire Morohoshi

Cid's one-eyed subordinate who's voiced by Hideo Ishikawa. I'm not sure of the romanization but his name sounds like "Katorubashtal." In Japanese, it's "カトルバシュタール."

A character who may be the school principal. He's voiced by Iemasa Kayumi. As with the the one eyed guy, I'm not sure of his name's romanization, but it sounds like "Kariyashival the 6th." In Japanese, it's "カリヤシバル6世."

If you have suggestions for better romanizations, let me know in the comments section below.

(UPDATE: In the comments below, Suzaku suggests the far more reasonable Quatre Vashtor and Kariya Shival the 6th. Famitsu often prints the Romanizations, so we should have official text tomorrow.)

There are lots of other details in Dengeki, but the magazine leak sources are as usual a bit vague. We'll hopefully get specifics later in the day, and even more details from Famitsu's coverage tomorrow.

CORRECTION 13:18 -- A previous version of this story said that the terms "Military," "Operation" etc. are the nicknames of multiple Moogles. This is incorrect.

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