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Final Fantasy Type-0: Moogles, Characters and New Gameplay Details

Dengeki provides the latest details on what could be the biggest PSP game yet!


We provided some preliminary details earlier today on Final Fantasy Type-0 from this week's Dengeki PlayStation. Sokuho @ Hokanko has provided a more in-depth report from the magazine's lengthy feature.

The big revelation in our earlier article was the meaning of "Moogle" in Type-0. The classic Final Fantasy series mascot will appear in Type-0, and they apparently look just like the Moogles of old. But here, the name itself has special meaning. "Moogle" stands for "Military Operation Organization Guidance/Logistics Expert."

Each class in Suzaku, the main characters' magic school, has its own Moogle. For Class 0, the main characters' class, the Moogle is voiced by young voice actress Sumire Morohoshi. It's full name is Hattsumikamine Routoyousuna Elfuruchi (in Japanese, "ハッツミカミネ・ロウトヨウスナ・エリフルチ"). Screenshots show the Moogle in an event scene with Kurasame, the teacher who was introduced last month.

Other characters introduced in the magazine (listed here with official Romanized spellings) are:

Khalia Chival VI (voiced by Iemasa Kayumi)
The 174th principal of the Suzaku school, this elderly man has long gray hair. It was mentioned in a previous update that the leaders of the Suzaku school are also the leaders of the country of Rebrum. This is true of Khalia. In his youth, he was a widely known for his use of magic. Now he has the confidence of those around him.
Qator Bashtar (voiced by Hideo Ishikawa)
A general in the military of the nation of Milites, which invades Rebrum. The gray-haired Qator wears a patch on his left eye and weilds both gun and sword. He has great pride as a soldier and always fights at the front lines.
Izana (voiced by Keiji Fujiwara)
A soldier in Suzaku, although not one of the game's main characters. He's apparently a big fan of Chocobos. In the most recent video, Izana was apparently shown near death and speaking with Ace, one of the Class 0 students.
In this screen, Ace is remarking that someone really likes Chocobos. Is he talking to Izana?

The other characters, Machina Kunagiri, Rem Tokimiya and Cid Aulstyne were introduced in Jump last week. Dengeki doesn't provide additional details. (See here for our previous story).

Dengeki also shared some gameplay and world details.

It looks like the Suzaku magic school will serve as your base of operations. You'll be able to visit the school's "Crystarium" archives to view background details along with battle history (this appears to be your battle history -- that is, recaps of the battles you fought). The magazine also shows what may be your mission briefing area, also located in the school.

The Suzaku Peristylium.

Jump and the recent official site update covered some of the gameplay details, including the characters' unique battle styles. Dengeki adds the following:

  • The game will have free missions separate from the story.
  • You can take on missions by speaking with a Moogle (it's unclear if it's the one mentioned above) and clearing certain conditions.
  • The mission progression works like this: after getting your orders, you move to the world map then head to the battle field. You clear the mission by clearing certain conditions. (In past updates, it was said that you can quickly clear a mission by defeating the enemy commander, although this may not be an easy task.)
  • Sokuho's writeup says that the world map looks like you'll be able to move your character around just like on a standard field, although it's unclear if you'll face battles there.

Dengeki also provides looks at a couple of summons, Golem and Ifreet. Golem has a "rocket punch" and can also go into "burst mode" where it temporarily raises its attack and defense strength. Unfortunately, the magazine does not provide details on how the summon system will work.

Expect to hear even more about Final Fantasy Type-0 tomorrow once Famitsu hits!

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