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Little Bits From Nintendo's Tokyo Earnings Briefing

Free 3D Excitebike launching with 3D Classics. Wii Vitality Sensor still in development.

Take your time, Masahiro Sakurai!

Inside Games is reporting on some details from Nintendo's Tokyo earnings briefing. The information was apparently passed along via Twitter by an analyst.

We should have confirmation once Nintendo shares its presentation materials and Q&A transcript, but assuming this is all legit, here's a preview of what to expect later in the day.

  • Kid Icarus will be released in Summer or beyond
  • A 3D Classics version of Excite Bike will be distributed as a free download with the 3DS' late May firmware update.
  • The 3DS Virtual Console will start off with Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Following this, Nintendo would like to look into the possibility for other platforms.
  • Wii's Vitality Sensor peripheral is still under development.
  • The Wii version of rhythm game Rhythm Heaven makes use of button controls.
  • Nintendo will be releasing one Wii title a month starting in May. The schedule is: Pandora's Tower (May), 007 Golden Eye (June), Wiimote Plus Variety (July), and Rhythm Heaven (summer). Zelda Skyward Sword, Kirby and Just Dance 2 are all due in calendar 2011 too.

Wiimote Plus Variety is presumably the Japanese version of North America's Wii Play Motion, which has yet to be announced for Japan.

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