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No Additional Characters for Home Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

This and other little bits and pieces from a Capcom feature in this week's Dengeki PlayStation.


Dengeki PlayStation has a feature on Capcom this week. The magazine delivered interviews with the producers of Capcom's major upcoming titles, and Sokuho @ Hokanko has passed on some of the major points.

Here's a bit of what was said in the interviews:

Regarding Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, there are no plans to add additional characters to the recently announced home version.

CyberConnect2's Asura's Wrath is being developed with a 2012 release in mind.

In Dragon's Dogma, you can climb on the backs of townfolk, but they'll probably start hating you. The magazine shows such areas around town as a slum area, a merchant area, and high class residential area.

Your main character in Dragon's Dogma is customizable, but the changes go beyond just appearance. Capcom is working on some sort of system where your customizations will be reflected in the gameplay.

For Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom is looking into the possibility of adding the option for an easy command mode.

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