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Slow Down Battle in Tales of Xillia with R3

Useful for swapping out characters.


Famitsu revealed last week that Tales of Xillia lets you swap out party members in mid battle. While your battle party can have at most four characters, you can use the d-pad to swap current members with reserve party members.

This week's Dengeki PlayStation (via Sokuho) has details on a feature that may make the character swapping a bit easier to pull off. By pressing R3, you can slow down time during battle. The magazine apparently suggests initiating the character swap during this time.

The character swapping makes use of the Fighting Chat system, where you see character cut-ins in the upper left.

The rest of the Dengeki article appears to have similar content as the Famitsu article from last week. See this story for some screens from that. Namco Bandai should be providing an online media blast soon, so check back shortly!

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