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A few details on tri-Ace's new projects have appeared via Famitsu and the usual early leak sources.

Yes, that's projects with a plural! The Star Ocean developer is working not just on Frontier Gate for PSP, but on a 3DS game called Beyond the Labyrinth as well.

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Frontier Gate is said to have a Monster Hunter style, but with turn-based battles. Three players will be able to team up for multiplayer play, forming parties consisting of six characters.

Beyond the Labyrinth is a 3D dungeon RPG featuring a young girl as a main character. The game's director is tri-Ace's Takayuki Suguro, director of Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2. it's being produced by Konami's Shingo Mukaitouge, who previously worked on Elebits.

Frontier Gate is confirmed for 2011. Release details for Beyond the Labyrinth have yet to surface. Both games are being published by Konami.

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