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Tri-Ace x Konami Part 1: Frontier Gate Detailed

It's like Monster Hunter. Except it's an RPG. And it's turn based. And it's made by the folks behind Star Ocean!


As reported here earlier today, Star Ocean developer tri-Ace is teaming up with Konami for multiple projects. One of those is for the PSP and is titled Frontier Gate.

Revealed in this week's Famitsu (via Sokuho @ Hokanko), Frontier Gate is an original multiplayer RPG. Three players can play together over ad-hoc, with each player controlling their main character and a partner character, making for a party of six.

The story surrounds a "Frontier" which was discovered by two frontiersmen. Worried that the various countries of the world would fight over control of this area, the two frontiersmen formed a guild to explore its depths. The characters you control are newcomer members of that guild.

Depending on the partner character you select, you'll get a different story. Famitsu introduces three partner characters:

  • Alettio: A young man with slick black hair who joined the guild around the same time as the main character. He wields a dual sword.
  • Reinvout: An instructor to newcomer guild members. He uses a single handed sword. He's said to be the hero for the next generation.
  • Dizzy: A second generation female adventurer. She makes use of a mace.

Details are scarce on the game's combat system. Although you may be getting a Monster Hunter feeling from the premise, combat is actually turn-based, with an RPG-like command battle system.

By performing combos, you can build up a "Boost AP" meter. This can be used to perform a variety of skills.

Further details on the battle system will come in a future update.

Famitsu has an interview with tri-Ace CEO Yoshiharu Gotanda and Konami producer Shingo Mukaitouge. The two revealed that the game was made with multiplayer in mind. The turn-based battle mechanics and the AP system came after the decision to make a multiplayer game. They're working to make it so that the game will have good tempo.

Single player is included as well. Both multiplayer and single player take place in the same world. Gotanda noted that if you raise your partner character into a healer, you may have difficulty in single player.

As one might expect, the game will offer plenty of customization options. Your can customize your main character fully, down to the face. The partner characters can be customized with weapons and clothing and in other areas.

The game includes 15 partner characters. By playing with each of the partners, you'll see the full story.

Development on Frontier Gate is currently at 80%. A release is planned for some time this year.

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