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Tri-Ace x Konami Part 2: Beyond the Labyrinth is a 3D RPG

The second of two projects announced by Konami and Star Ocean developer tri-Ace is for 3DS.


The second of two tri-Ace projects revealed in this week's Famitsu is a 3DS game called Beyond the Labyrinth. While this doesn't appear to be as far along as Frontier Gate, which we detailed here, Sokuho @ Hokanko has provided a few additional details from the magazine's preview and interview.

Beyond the Labyrinth is being directed by tri-Ace's Takayuki Suguro, director of Resonance of Fate and Valkyrie Profile 2, and produced by Konami's Shingo Mukaitouge, who's also producing Frontier Gate.

Interviewed in the magazine, the Mukaitouge and tri-Ace CEO Yoshiharu Gotanda revealed the game to be a 3D dungeon RPG. Aside from this, they were being vague in their commentary. They showed artwork of a young girl and said that the story will center on her, but wouldn't confirm her to be the main character. Of course, they did not share her name.

The girl will talk a lot, the two said. This is one area of focus for the development team.

The main gameplay involves 3D dungeon exploration. However, Gotanda said that the visuals and world view are being made bright.

A few screenshots in the magazine show the girl standing in ruins and similar locations. She apparently wears her blonde hair in a ball has short silver hair.

(Correction: That bit about the blonde hair in the ball was wrong.. sorry!)

Beyond the Labyrinth is being developed to be a major draw for the 3DS, Mukaitouge said in closing. Currently 60% complete, the game is flagged date TBA in the magazine.

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