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Final Fantasy Type-0's Moogles Have a Fruity Name

The thirteen Moogels in Suzaku together form...


Dengeki revealed yesterday that in Final Fantasy Type-0, the term Moogle is short for "Military Operation Organization Guidance/Logistic Expert." That's a pretty sweet name for something that has a cherry (or whatever) sticking out of its head:

Famitsu has its own look at Type-0 this week, and it fills some of the missing pieces about Type-0's Moogles. The Suzaku magic school that serves as your base of operations apparently has thirteen of these Moogles. Together, they are known as the "Cranberry Knights."

It looks like there are a few extra bits on Type-0 in Famitsu, so check back later for a possible update. Until then, see our report from Dengeki here.

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