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Grand Knights History Combat System Detailed

Formation is key in Vanillaware's new PSP strategy RPG.


Marvelous Entertainment announced a September 1 release date for Vanillaware's latest 2D masterpiece Grand Knights History yesterday. We haven't heard too many gameplay details since the game's announcement a couple of months back, but that changed today with a full preview at Famitsu.com.

As previously detailed, Grand Knights History is set in a land where three nations are at war (see our article archive for specifics). Players assume the role of a knight in one of those nations and face off in battle with other parties. As one might expect from a Vanillware game, the battles are shown from a side 2D view with large sprite-based characters.

The battle system places an emphasis on formation. You can select from over 20 formations, which place your party members in different positions on a grid. Examples include "Windmill," where the characters line up in a diamond formation, and "Bull Attack," where they line up in a straight line.

Formations influence battle in different ways, affecting the range where you're open to enemy attack, for instance. Some formations will give you boosters like an HP boost at each turn.

You're free to create and customize your characters, setting things like hair style and color, voice, personality, name and winning line. The personality parameter affects the pace of growth and also changes the lines said by the character during the game.

You can also, of course, equip your character with different weapons. By making use of a given weapon in battle, your characters will increase their skill with that weapon, and will be able to learn new skills.

Example skills mentioned in the Famitsu.com article include:

  • Flash Code (dagger): This special move performs four quick consecutive attacks on enemies.
  • Gallop Beat (lance): Your character charges at the enemy like a horse.
  • Judgement (magic): This thunder spell does damage to multiple enemies and can also add a paralysis effect.
  • Skull Fang (broadsword): This skill releases a wave when you swing your sword. The wave can strike enemies in the distance.
  • Blaze Rain (arrow): Two archers team up to flood the enemy ranks with fire arrows.

Each of the game's weapons has 10 types of skills, and over 50 "support skills." You can assign up to four skills simultaneously.

Back at the game's announcement, Marvelous alluded to a unique online component. Famitsu.com's article today has some developer commentary (which also appears in this week's Weekly Famitsu), but there are no additional details on this area. It's known that the game will have online battles, with director Tomohiko Deguchi saying that skill selection will be key to this part. Deguchi also said that the game is being made to offer an enjoyable experience both in the home and when out and about.

Visit Famitsu.com for additional screens.

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