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First Look: tri-Ace X Konami

Screenshots from tri-Ace's new 3DS and PSP games.


Famitsu.com has posted screenshots of the two Konami-published tri-Ace games that were announced yesterday in Weekly Famitsu. Have a look below.

Beyond the Labyrinth

Initial reports suggested that this 3DS title might be a dungeon crawler. Have you ever seen a dungeon crawler that looked like this?

The girl in the shots may or may not be the main character. The game's development staff wouldn't say for sure in their interview with Famitsu this week.

For more screens, see Famitsu.com. For details in good old text format, see this story.

(That story mentions a character who wears blonde hair in a ball. That was based off a mistranslation. The girl in the above shots is the character referred to there.)

Frontier Gate

We know a lot more about tri-Ace's new PSP project, Frontier Gate, which will be the first of the two to be released. Read our story from yesterday for details.

The screens at Famitsu.com show the three partner characters mentioned in that article, and some battle scenes.

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