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Senritsu no Stratus Official Site Opens

Find out the background story for the new PSP title from Infinite Space developer Nudemaker.


Konami has opened an official site for Senritsu no Stratus, its new tie-up project with Infinite Space developer Nudemaker.

The site is in a teaser state at present, but does show artwork for three primary characters, from left to right Misogi Takanosu (voiced by Aya Endo), Seishiro Kudan (voiced by Mamoru Miyano) and Takumi Yagami (voiced by Akira Ishida).

As detailed in our story yesterday, this PSP title has direction as scenario work from Hifumi Kono, who had a similar role on Infinite Space. Character designs are from Enami Katsumi. Animation is being handled by Satellite.

Famitsu.com has additional details and screens.

Senritsu no Stratus is set in the year the year 2058 in Imperial Tokyo. Humanity faces extinction by a creature called Meme, which first invaded three years back using a massive weapon sent from their base, "Lunar Stratus."

The Meme have no physical form -- they're just information. They suck people up and convert them into Meme form.

The three characters shown at the official site are from an anti Meme task force called "Imperial Task Force 6." Seishiro survived a Meme attack but was forced against his will to join the task force. Misogi is the daughter in the Takanosu royal family. She serves as commander of the Task Force 6, which was formed by her grandfather. Takumi is from a sub branch of the Takanosu family. He and Misogi were childhood friends, and he is an excellent officer with great promise for the future.

What exactly you'll be doing in Senritsu no Stratus is not clear at present. The game's genre is listed as action adventure, but in an interview with this week's Famitsu, Kono said that the actual genre is being kept under wraps.

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