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New Lord of Vermilion Features BlazBlue and King of Fighters Cameos

Square Enix teams up with SNK, Arc System Works and Sega for summer update.


This just in from The LOV Times!

... Yes, there is an LOV times.

The LOV in LOV Times stands for Lord of Vermillion, as in Square Enix's card-based arcade game.

As you can see from the headline there, there's some big news to report for the Lord of Vermilion series, which will reach its third year on June 17. Square Enix will be commemorating the anniversary with a major update. Titled Lord of Vermilion Re:2, the new version will have collaborative character elements from BlazBlue, The King of Fighters '98 and Sega's Sangokushi Taisen.

Re:2 will hit arcades this Summer. Visit the official site for future installments of The LOV Times.

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