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PlayStation Network Services To Restart This Week

Sony to give one month PlayStation Plus service to all PSN users.

Hirai speaks at today's press briefing.

Sony will begin the process of resuming PlayStation Network and Qriocity services this week, Consumer Products president Kazuo Hirai said during a press conference today. Both services will be resumed in full some time this month.

The company listed the following services as scheduled to begin some time this week:

  • Play of online titles and titles that require PlayStation Network login
  • Playback on PS3, PSP and MediaGo of rental video content that has already been downloaded
  • Access to rental content that has been downloaded for Video on Demand Powered by Qriocity (time limits apply)
  • PlayStation Home
  • Chat

It's unclear if all these services will go live simultaneously or if they will be gradually rolled out over time.

Sony also outlined how it will make amends to users of the two services for the past two weeks of outages. Users will be offered free downloads for select content. PSN users will be offered 30 days of free PlayStation Plus (current subscribers get a free 30 day extension). Users of Music Unlimited Powered by Qriocity will be given 30 free days of service.

There will be additional offers besides these, the company said. Some will be done on a region-by-region basis.

Hirai also promised improved management for all Sony Group network services. It will be creating a new "Chief Information Security Officer" for managing information security for PlayStation Network and Qriocity. This person will report directly to Sony's Chief Information Officer.

Sony will also be giving the PlayStation 3's firmware an update when PSN service is restored. All users will need to change their password.

Slides from today's press conference.

4Gamer is reporting some additional details on what Hirai said regarding the information leaks.

Sony believes the following information leaked out:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Address (including telephone number)
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Birthday
  • PSN online ID
  • PSN and Qriocity login password

They following may have leaked out, but there is no evidence of this:

  • Purchase history and profile data along with billing address
  • Security questions for PSN and Qriocity login
  • Credit card number and expiration date

Regarding the credit card number, Sony ruled out the possibility of the card security code having leaked out.

In a Q&A that followed the press conference (also passed along at 4Gamer), Hirai said that Sony's services have approximately 10 million credit cards on record. He said that at present Sony has not heard reports of illegal card use.

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