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Photo Girlfriend: First Trailer

Kadokawa shares a six minute trailer for its new PSP photo themed love sim.


Meet the girls of Kadokawa Games' PSP love sim Photo Girlfriend in this six minute trailer:

Photo Girlfriend, or Photo Kano in Japanese, is a love sim with a photography theme. In addition to working into the story, the photo theme is a part of the gameplay, as you can take pictures of the girls in a camera mode, even switching the PSP to tate (vertical) mode.

As detailed in the trailer, the game also places a good amount of focus on technology, from 3D models and smooth animation during conversation scenes, to motion capture for events.

The girls introduced in the first half of the trailer are the targets of your love interests. They span the usual types -- the childhood friend, the class leader, and so-forth.

The last girl is Kanon, the one speaking in the trailer and the one doing the gymnastics at the end. Kadokawa is throwing in a Nendoroid Puchi figure of Kanon as a bonus item.

You can see closer profiles of the girls at the official site

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