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Namco Bandai Readying New Dragon Ball for PS3 and 360

Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 hits this Fall.

From Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royal, an arcade adaptation of the franchise.

There are plenty of Dragon Ball games on PS3 and Xbox 360. But Namco Bandai appears to be going for something new for the next one.

According for Tale Tale Source, a blog that always delivers early reports from Weekly Shounen Jump, this week's issue of the comic magazine has first mention of "Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011." This PS3 and Xbox 360 Dragon Ball Game is apparently being developed with the plan of making a never-before-seen Dragon Ball game.

The magazine lists the game as "3D fighting action," which sounds like many of the past Dragon Ball games, so we'll have to wait for details to see what's different.

Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 is due for Fall release.

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