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Yes, there's a book about Idolmaster jets

Hasegawa releasing full color book about Idolmaster themed jet models.


Idolmaster isn't just a game where you raise some anime chicks into full idolhood. It's also a series of jet models themed around those idols.

Model maker Hasegawa is releasing an official catalogue for the model series. Above is the book's cover art, from illustrator Annin Doufu (yes, just like the desert). The full color 112 page book is priced ¥4,620 and will be available in early June.

The models are available now, ranging from ¥2,500 to upwards of ¥5,000. Here's Amazon's product page.

Xbox 360 owners should be familiar with Idolmaster jets, as they were offered as download content for Ace Combat 6.

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