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Gundam Memories Trigger Attack System Revealed

See the special attacks from the new Gundam game through video and screens.


The last trailer for Gundam Memories (see here) offered looks at the game's two modes of play, Situation Mode and Mission Mode. Namco Bandai has followed up with some pure gameplay clips, which you can see assembled together here.

We previously detailed the game's MS Shift system, which lets you switch off between three Mobile Suits as you fight. The Mobile Suits come in three forms: Speed Type, Close Range Type and Projectile Type.

The above trailer shows the game's "Special Trigger" system. Special Triggers are special attacks. To perform them, you'll need to have your SP Gauge, shown at the bottom left of the screen, built up, something that you do by attacking enemies or getting attacked.

There are three types of Special Trigger moves:

Kakusei (Awakening)

Uses one SP gauge slot. There are four types of these Kakusei moves, each raising a particular stat like attack, speed and defense. Some Mobile Suits may even get completely new abilities. In the above video, you can see Kakusei used with Unicorn Gundam.

Quick Attack.

Uses two SP gauge slots. This special attack requires that you press buttons when prompted. You can end up striking the enemy up to four times. To use the attack, you'll need to be within a certain range of the enemy. If you miss the button prompts, you'll end up being counter attacked. This attack can also be seen in the above clip.

Combination Attack

Uses three SP gauge slots. A special attack which involves all three of your Mobile Suits. When you unleash a Quick Attack, you can select to unleash a Combination Attack (in the screens, this is shown being done by pressing triangle and circle).

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