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Pandas and Koala Bears Yeah!

The latest animal shots from Animal Resort. Plus, win a trip to the zoo!


Here are some adorable panda and koala shots from Animal Resort, Marvelous Entertainment's upcoming 3DS debut title.

Yes, the red guys are pandas too. They're called "Red Pandas."

Here are additional shots, not necessarily as cute.

There are over 100 animal types in Animal Resort. You can get Japanese language information about the animals at the official site.

The important stuff out of the way, here's what Marvelous announced about the game today. The Animal Resort official site is now home to a campaign page. Answer the three questions about Animal Resort at the page, and you'll enter yourself into a drawing for some prizes.

There are two courses: the zoo course and the White Tiger course. The prize in the zoo course is a trip for two to Toubu Zoo. The White Tiger course doesn't net you an actual white tiger, unfortunately. Instead, you'll get some badges themed around white tigers.

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