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Class of Heroes 3D Videos

Character creation and dungeon crawling in the latest clips of Acquire's 3DS title.

Latest footage from the official site.

Acquire shared today a couple of videos for Class of Heroes 3D. The clips show the game's school and dungeon components.

This 3DS entry in the dungeon crawling series has you create your very own characters then head off to dungeons on quests which you obtain by reading the message board in your school's library.

When creating your character, you can select from 10 races, over 30 subjects and sub subjects of study, and set hair style, clothing and other areas. You'll be able to create over 75,000 different patterns from the included parts. You can then distribute parameters like power, knowledge and luck to your characters to strengthen them.

For a glimpse at the character creation component, view this clip:

You can store up to 80 characters. When heading out for dungeon crawling, you create a party of six. You can also carry support pets with you. These special pets help you out by giving you status boosts and even attacking your foes.

Dungeons are set in such varied areas as forests, plains, snow fields and under ground. View a clip here:

One 3DS feature not shown in the videos is Street Pass support. Through Street Pass, other players' parties will appear in your copy of the game. You'll be able to team up with these parties to face off against more powerful enemies.

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