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Edit, Reply and Quote Comments

New commenting features WOOT!


I've made a few changes to the comments system.

You can now do the following:

Reply to comments

You can now reply directly to comments by selecting "reply" in the comment header. When you reply to a comment, your comment will be marked as being a reply and will have a link to the comment you're replying to.

Quote comments

This is just like replying, except the entire body of the original comment is copied into your post in quote tags. This is just for convenience. Please don't actually repost the entire comment in this fashion. Instead, cut out only the areas that directly apply to your post.

By the way, you can have multiple quotes in your reply. Just use multiple quote tags. Use this to pick apart a person's comment for flaws.

Edit comments

You can finally edit your comments. But only for a few minutes. For the first few minutes after you've posted your comment, you'll find an "edit" link next to the reply and quote links. Click on this, and you'll be able to make edits.

I'm being purposefully vague in the time limits. Think of it as about 5 to 10 minutes after posting, so you should make your changes quickly. This feature is meant to be used just if you make spelling or grammar errors.

Site admins (that's just me!) have the ability to edit comments forever. I'll be taking advantage of the feature to edit posts for inappropriate material rather than straight out deleting them.

Switch to conversation view

Going along with the reply feature, you can now sort comments into "conversations," which groups a comment with all its replies. This is only shown one level thick, so if you reply to a reply, both replies are shown below the original post. However, the "reply to" link in your post links to the comment that you're actually replying to, so please make sure you reply to the comment you actually want to reply to. This paragraph has the word reply eight times.

When to reply and when not to reply

If you're replying to something someone says in a comment, please make sure and use the "reply" or "quote" links. Comments will soon have their own pages which which group them with their replies, so your reply will go unnoticed unless you use this feature.

Conversely, please don't use the reply or quote links unless you're actually replying to someone. If you're just replying to the article, make your post in the main comment field way down at the bottom.

Loading comments. If comments don't load, make sure Javascript is on in your browser.

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