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Dragon Quest Classics Being Revived on Wii

Famicom and Super Famicom versions of first three Dragon Quest titles being released on Wii.

The Dragon Quest that started it all!

Final Fantasy fans are no strangers to ports of classic entries in the series. But Square Enix has been a bit more protective of the Dragon Quest series.

At long last, a few of the classic Dragon Quest games are being revived for present day gamers. The latest Jump has first word on "Famicom & Super Famicom Dragon Quest I, II and III," a single Wii title that includes the Famicom and Super Famicom versions of the first three Dragon Quest games.

Specifically, the Wii bundle includes the following:

  • Dragon Quest (Famicom)
  • Dragon Quest 2 (Famicom)
  • Dragon Quest 3 (Famicom)
  • Dragon Quest 1&2 (Super Famicom)
  • Dragon Quest 3 (Super Famicom)

That's either three, five or six games depending on how you view things. These appear to be just ports of the originals (or, rather, emulated versions of the original) much like Super Mario Collection.

This super collection will be released this year as a 25th anniversary game for the Dragon Quest series.

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