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Namco Bandai Targets 400,000 for Tales of Xillia, Hints at New God Eater

Company expects 1.5 million units this year for Ace Combat series.


A supplemental earnings statement released today by Namco Bandai has some big news if you look closely.

In a section detailing franchise sales targets for the current fiscal year, the company lists the following:

  • Ace Combat (Japan, America, Europe): 1.5 million units
  • Ben 10 (America, Europe): 800,000 units
  • God Eater (Japan): 500,000 units
  • Gundam (Japan): 500,000 units
  • Tales of (Japan): 400,000 units

While these targets don't mention specific games, we can guess that Ace Combat refers to Assault Horizon on PS3 and Xbox 360 and Tales of refers to PS3's Tales of Xillia.

God Eater is a bit tougher, as Namco Bandai hasn't announced a new God Eater game following God Eater Burst. Perhaps we can expect a new entry in the series this year?

You can see the company's earnings presentation materials for yourself here (PDF, Japanese).

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