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Your Guide to Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Capcom shares a Q&A for upcoming update.

Upgrade to Arcade Edition on June 7 (or buy the disc version on June 30).

We're now less than a month away from release for the download version of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (the disc version will follow a bit later). Today, the game's official site was updated with a Q&A.

I'm pretty sure all the info is old, but here's a summary anyway:

  • There are no balance adjustments over the arcade version -- it's just a port of that version.
  • Arrange costumes are not included with the game. This is true of both the download and disc versions.
  • The costumes that you purchased for the original version of Super Street Fighter IV can be used in Arcade Edition.
  • Super SFIV and Super SFIV Arcade Edition players can play against one-another. However, the gameplay falls back to Super spec in terms of characters, rules and balance.
  • For matching, both PS3 and Xbox 360 players will need to download a free Super SFIV Update Kit, which is due for 6/7.
  • Rankings will be split into Original and Arcade Edition. Your BP and PP will start off at zero in Arcade Edition.
  • Your trophies and achievements will carry over from Super into Arcade Edition.

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