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New Inazuma Eleven Strikers Date Officially Official

Level-5 formally announces the release date and gives the official site an update.


Just in case you don't trust magazine leaks, Level-5 has formally announced the Inazuma Eleven Strikers release date that leaked out of Coro Coro Comics on Friday. The delayed Wii title is due on July 16, priced ¥5,980.

July 16 is a Saturday, which is a bit strange unless you're launching opposite a major hardware release or you're a numbered Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. In this case, the game may be timed for Marine Day, a national holiday on the following Monday.

As mentioned in our story from earlier in the week, the game will ship with a beginners guide.

Level-5 also updated the game's official site with new content in the introduction and character sections. The character section shows the latest teams: the Girls' Team and the Dark Emperors.

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