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PS3 No More Heroes Cuts Load Times in Half

Marvelous lets bloggers sample the new PS3 remake.


The big question regarding No More Heroes Red Zone Edition is does it fix the darn loading issues of the original No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise. The answer appears to be yes.

Marvelous Entertainment held a blogger demo event for the game on Saturday. Famitsu.com attended the event and reports that a question about loading time came up during a Q&A session that followed the demo session. The game's promotional head said that on average the load times are less than half what they were in Heroes' Paradise. In some areas, loading has been cut entirely.

The question posed to the Marvelous staff was actually "Loading times have been reduced, haven't they?," meaning the difference is something the bloggers themselves noticed.

Move controls are newly added for Red Zone.

Famitsu.com also reported on some of the new features that are being added to the PS3 version. Most interesting is a mini game called "People Bowling." This idea was in place for the original Wii version of No More Heroes, but was unable to be realized for various reasons. Taking control of main character Travis' bike, you attempt to knock down people who are positioned as pins.

The other mini game introduced at the event is "Massacre Full Train" (I'm not sure of the official English name). Your goal is to slaughter all the enemies on a full train using your beam katana.

People Bowling and the train mini games.

The game includes 10 such additional missions. In addition to the train and bowling games, Marvelous has shared screens of Kitty Race, Sign Spinning and Signaling.

Other mini games.

Another new feature for the PS3 is the inclusion of five bosses from No More Heroes 2 (shown below). Here's how you access the bosses. In No More Heroes, toilets serve as your save point. You'll be able to fall asleep at the toilets under certain conditions. This is when you'll face off against the bosses, apparently as part of a dream as you sit on the toilet. The NMH2 bosses are quite tough, but because this takes place in your dream, the game won't end even if you lose.

Visit Famitsu.com for pics from the event.

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