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Animal Resort Has Extinct Animals

Add Dodos, Mammoths and Quaggas to your collection in 3DS zoo sim.


Animal Resort's animals selection includes more than just the downright adorable. You'll also find the downright impossible! Marvelous is including extinct species in the 3DS title.

Among the game's 100 or so animal types, you'll find such things as dodos, mammoths and quaggas, all of which died off long ago. Marvelous shared screens of these three today, but said that there are other extinct creatures in the game as well.

Joining the extinct creatures, Marvelous provided a look at six living creatures and the game's figure viewer mode. The figure viewer mode allows you to freely view figures that you've obtained from the game's animal vendor. You can also view details about the animals. This area of the game was supervised by the Tobu Zoo.

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