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Pac-Man Dimensions Does Have Ghosts

Some familiar faces and shapes return for 3DS rethinking of classic franchise.


The Pac-Man Tilt part of upcoming 3DS game collection Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions is an all new take on the Pac-Man franchise that has you tilt the 3DS to guide Pac-Man through the stages.

But it does have some familiar elements outside of just the main character. Take a look at stage four, where you'll encounter ghosts:

Famitsu.com has a new look at the game's early stages showing some of the gimmicks Pac-Man will encounter, including corkscrews, canons, and ridable bubbles.

For Galaga 3D Impact, one of the three Galaga-themed games in the collection, the site provides a look at the first four stages. The first stage takes place as the enemy Galaga attack the Earth-like planet that humankind has just begun to settle. This is followed by a stage in a space colony and a stage in a ruined space ship. The fourth stage puts you up against a giant shelled boss.

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