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Over 500 Parts in Armored Core V

The latest parts, moves and weapons for the new Armored Core.


The latest Armored Core game continues series' tradition of offering huge customization options to players. In Armored Core V, you'll find over 500 parts in 11 categories.

You assemble your mech in the assembly room. In the screens below, you select a category from the horizontal selector, then select a part in that category from the vertical selector. As expected for the series, you'll get a detailed readout on the effects of the part.

Part types include: Head, Core, Arms, Legs, Booster, Generator, FCS (fire control system), Recon Unit, Arm Unit, Shoulder Unit and Hanger Unit. From Software shared some sample images today.

Weapons in ACV come in three attack types: KE (Kinetic Energy), CE (Chemical Energy) and TE (Thermal Energy). KE weapons are make use of bullets and are used for physical attacks. CE weapons release energy from chemical reactions. TE weapons use heat energy and release laser blasts.

In the below weapons shots, you'll see a laser rifle, a bazooka rifle, a shoulder unit missile, a shoulder unit rocket, and other weapons.

Other screens show off the game's actions, including:

  • Glide boost: Similar to the overed boost of past titles but this now allows you to boost in all directions.
  • High Boost: A sudden acceleration over a short distance, similar to the quick boost of past titles.
  • Boost Drive: When in a jumping state, your mech will kick off a building.
  • Purge: Drop all your weapons, reducing your mech's weight and giving you added speed.

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