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See One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP in 3D Now!

Developer Ganvarion releases 3D promotional images that can be viewed on your 3DS.


Can't wait until next week to see Wii title(s) One Piece Unlimited Cruise transformed into 3D on the 3DS? Well there's no need to wait thanks to the clever marketers at Ganvarion (who probably aren't actually marketing the game)!

The official Unlimited Cruise SP blog was updated today with some 3D promotional images of the game. These can be viewed directly on your 3DS.

You can download the images from this page (click here for a direct link to the zip file).

Once you have the zip file, 100NBGI0.zip, unzip it. Remove the SD card from your 3DS and stick it into your computer. You should find a folder labeled "DCIM." Copy the 100NBGI0 folder into the DCIM folder, stick the SD card back into your 3DS, and you're good to go! Select the Nintendo 3DS Camera option from the system's start menu and you can view the images.

If you don't have a DCIM folder on your SD card, put the SD card back in your 3DS and take a picture. I'm not sure if creating the DCIM folder manually will work.

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