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Devil Survivor 2's Colorful Bosses

Meet the hardly threatening bosses in the DS sequel, and the force that fights them.


In Devil Survivor 2, a DS sequel to the original Devil Survivor (also on DS, but coming to 3DS in the remade Overclock), you play as a band of demon summoners who must deal with the invading Septentrion creatures who invade Japan one Sunday.

Famitsu.com showed us the first Septentrion a while back. It didn't look too menacing.

Today, even more colorful Septentrions courtesy of Famitsu.com once again.

The Septentrion are all referred to by day and name. The day is an indication of the day of the week when they attack. All attacks occur on consecutive days following the first Sunday invasion.

The first Septentrion shown above is the Thursday creature, Alioth.

The latest creatures are, from left to right:

The Sunday creature, the first one that attacks. The pink mass on its top expands and explodes.
The Wednesday creature. It appears from the Pacific Ocean and launches the needles that are on its body at the various areas of Japan. Those needles are capable of moving on their own. They summon demons who attack people.
The Monday creature. This guy has round sub units (shown in red below) who can be made to explode. It's also capable of transforming.

Facing off against the invaders is the mysterious organization, Jips (it's very likely that I have the spelling on that incorrect). We previously met the first three members, the nameless main character, Io and Daichi. Today, four more members, shown left to right below.

Male, 17-years-old. Top member in the Jips organization, he's actually from the family that founded the organization. He handles the various incidents calmly and cooly.
Female, 26-years-old. Staff member of Jips Tokyo. She's sworn allegiance to Jips.
Female, 24-years-old. Staff member of Jips Osaka. She's handles all medical areas and is very friendly.
Female, 21-years-old. Staff member of Jips Nagoya. She has scientific knowledge and is conducting a variety of research. However, she's uninterested in anything but her research.
This updated main visual shows the current 7 Jips members. The game supposedly has 13 primary characters, so expect more introductions soon.

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