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Sonic Generations Listed for 3DS

Sega earnings statement lists 3DS as additional platform for PS3 and Xbox 360 title.


A Sega Sammy earnings report (PDF, Japanese) has a some potential big news for Sonic fans... or perhaps just a big mistake.

This chart shows games planned for the current fiscal year. Sonic Generations, currently announced just as a PS3, Xbox 360 game, is also listed as a 3DS and PC title.

It could be an error, but if not it looks like 3DS and PC gamers have some Sonic to look forward to this Winter!

The other games listed in the chart are Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Binary Domain, Yakuza of the End, and Power Smash 4. Of these, Mario & Sonic are North America and Europe only (the Japanese version would presumably be released by Nintendo, similar to past Olympic games). Of the End is Japan only.

Screens from the PS3/X360 version of Sonic Generations.

Also notable in the earnings report is Sega's game plan for the current fiscal year.

The company expects to sell 23.29 million pieces of software this year, up significantly from the 18.71 million sold last year.

It expects PS3 to be its biggest platform, with 23 SKUs selling 4.62 million units. The full list list:

  • PS3: 23 SKUs, 4.62 million units
  • WII: 11 SKUs, 3.60 million
  • X360: 18 SKUs, 3.08 million
  • NDS: 7 SKUs, 0.61 million
  • 3DS: 20 SKUs, 4.15 million
  • PSP: 6 SKUs, 1.08 million
  • PC: 6 SKUs, 1.14 million
  • Repeat Sales: 4.95 million


5/18 2:53 -- An earlier version of this story said that Sonic Generations had been previously announced for PC. The game was only announced for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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