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Pandora's Tower Has Love Sim Elements

Give gifts to Ceres. Do it quickly before she turns into a beast!


An unexpected new addition to Pandora's Tower, the new Wii action title from Nintendo and Ganvarion that's due for release next week. An update at the official site reveals that the game has love sim style elements that affect the relationship between main character Ende and heroine Ceres.

In the screenshots above, you can see a vertical meter to the left. This is a representation of the strength of the relationship between Ende and Ceres. The Oreichalkos Chain that Ende uses gives him the ability to physically see his connection with Ceres.

You can increase the relationship gauge by communicating with Ceres and giving her gifts. Screenshots show Ceres expressing jubilation at receiving a rainbow colored bracelet from Ende. She also looks pretty happy at receiving a carrot.

According to the site, another way of making Ceres like you is to make sure that she doesn't turn into a beast. This, of course, is done by collecting beast flesh from the towers and bringing it back to her in a timely manner. During gameplay, you can keep track of Ceres' beast level, so you'll know when you might need to take leave of a tower and head back to the observation tower where she rests.

Also at the official site, you'll find a commercial for the game. Access it in the site's movie section.

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