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Soul Calibur V Update

Too much info about new main character Patroklos. Plus, producer Hisaharu Tago reveals surprisingly little.

The main character of Soul Calibur V.

Famitsu has its first look at Soul Calibur V following its announcement last week. Here's what's said in the magazine, as passed along at Sokuho.

As previously detailed, the game is set 17 years after SCIV. The main character, the guy shown in the reveal trailer, is Patroklos, son of Sophitia. He makes use of the same short sword type as his mom, and also uses the Arcadia Shield. If you really want specifics, Patroklos is 177 centimeters tall, has blood type B, was born on September 13, and is 19-years-old.

The magazine also profiles returning character Siegfried, who's become 40 years old. He makes use of the Requiem weapon he used in SCI and SCIII.

In an interview with the magazine, producer Hisaharu Tago gives a few hints about the game, without getting too specific:

  • The game has new characters, old characters with new weapons, and guest characters.
  • Tago is hoping to have at least as many characters as SCIV.
  • Tago said to expect special weapons, although he wouldn't share specifics.
  • Regarding gameplay systems, Tago said one can say there are and there aren't changes. We'll have to wait for an update for details.
  • The development staff has been given new blood, but the main members remain unchanged. Tago expects to end up releasing something a bit different from past entries.
  • Tago promised to not let fans down.

Famitsu reports that Soul Calibur V is currently 10% complete. A release is set for 2012.

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